Projects including Penguin Student Design Awards, Young Poets and What happens when you reply to spam email by James veitch.
NIght Manager.png

The night manager

The Night Manager presented a very fun challenge, because of a not entirely loyal but fantastic tv show being made for the book in recent years. For me, that meant that I had to find a way to represent the books unique points from the tv show.


I did this by focusing on how in the 1980s the spy world had to rely on analogue methods of observation, so I made my design work with that by using scanned nautical patterns and textures to create and build up the shape of the main villain of the book: ‘Dicky Roper’. I wanted to get that elusive vibe to the cover and that he is very visible but ethereal to the touch. replicating that idea that everyone knows he's a bad guy but they have no actual evidence. There is a lot hidden in this cover but I think its best understood when the book is read.

Goodnight Mr Tom white.png

goodnight mister tom

For the Goodnight Mister Tom book, I wanted to focus on making the core idea of how sorrow can exist in two separate forms in the book and people can understand and help each other through each other's individual pains. To do this I put the two main characters on independent sides of the cover so that when you close the book you bring them together and give them closure on their pain.

bryson final.png


Bill Bryson is such a fantastically warm writer and in terms of science, I chose to represent that by making the book like the type is the sun in space. then I pulled an ‘anti-chip-kidd’ and actually tried my best to put the idea of ‘everything’ into the cover by making a surface pattern to go over the top of the flat typography design.

I am really happy with how this cover turned out and I think it is very simple but effective at representing the book. without looking like a boring school textbook.

Front page book - Copy.png

What happens when you reply to spam email?

I created a 120-page book from a ted talk by James Veitch.


In this brief I was tasked with creating a book cover and 10 pages of layout, I created a full 120-page book to challenge myself to see if it was possible within the span of 4 weeks and I succeeded. Here are but a few examples of the finished book.

The idea of the book was to try and capture the 'knock-off' look of spam emails by replicating the email format and layout within the book whenever correspondence occurs with a scam artist.